Leeds United V Bristol City Brings in the Crowds

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By Trucks79 | Saturday, February 12, 2011, 15:48

Locals in Thornbury were stunned this morning when their market town was swamped with football supporters, at one point Leeds united supporters were flocking into Thornbury by the coach load.

At first glance locals were attracted by police activity focussing on the White Lion public house in the High Street; this was further enhanced with police patrolling the town centre on foot as well as a police riot van taking up residence outside Wildings in the High Street.

As I was walking up towards the Barrell public house it became even more obvious that the town had started to become swamped with football fans including a group of Leeds supporters setting up camp complete with a large Leeds United FC Banner outside the Barrell.

However the Lion and the Barrel were not the only pubs in the town cashing in on the Bristol City v Leeds game as the Black Horse on Grovesend Road even attracted a coach full of supporters.

Although police were called to the White Lion it seemed that the visitors were in good spirit, but with the market town not being used to attracting such football crowds it was clear that some locals felt a little on edge.

One resident Marther 64 said “the last time I seen Thornbury like this was in the 90’s when England was in the World Cup, I must admit I feel venerable at the moment with all these youths walking around being loud and drinking”

Another local resident said “I just don’t know what they are doing here! We are nowhere near the city ground, there is no reason why they should be coming here!”

Although the out of the blue visit might not be everyone’s cup of tea the local pubs will certainly be welcoming the additional trade, that’s the local pubs apart from the very much run down Swan.

I previously reported on the much needed building and maintenance works at the Swan and over recent weeks there has been a clear presence of workmen at the site. However the pub still has a very long way to go.

Whilst I was stood on the high street watching the police activity outside the White Lion I noticed the Swan was silent with just one person noticeable through the window. I did however see groups of people walking in through the front double doors but almost instantly walking back out again. One lad even making a passing comment about being able to find a better pub in Beirut .

Were you out and about shopping today if so what did you make of the influx of visitors, with a number of the supporters downing their pints some two hours before the kick-off it begs the question about the possibility of drunken disorder later on today.

Let me know what you think also if you were at one of the local pubs in the town today then I would also love to hear what the atmosphere was like.



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    Hay petesm Thornbury is ready and I am sure it will be the same as last time, you lot were great! your more than welcome to our town.

    This time why not check out the Swan pub located on the High Street. The last time you guys were in the town the Swan was in a sorry state but thankfully it's been taken over and is now looking great.

    Looking forward to seeing you all.

    By Trucks79 at 08:00 on 04/02/12

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    That time of year again, are the pubs ready this time

    By petesm at 16:24 on 03/02/12

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    the only comment that i would add is that they should have gone to the knott of rope it is by far the best pub in thornbury but maybe next time guys... i will certainly be up for a drink or two with you all.

    By chloeann2010 at 09:11 on 17/02/11

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    its like my previous post. if only all football fans were like this bunch and i think that is what the problem is. some spoil it for everyone then everyone gets the same label. either way atleast we had the good guys visit us and look forward to the next time.

    By bigmandave at 22:15 on 16/02/11

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    Hiya gardelslady and welcome to the thornburypeople website, firstly it was great seeing a high volume of visitors the town and secondly it was great news that there was zero arrests and zero damage. I think the problem is that in areas on the edge of the City ground locals are used to football fans swamping the pubs ect but this just doesn’t really happen in Thornbury which is where some residents were a little on edge so to speak.

    I spoke to a number of football fans on the day and I must say they seemed like decent football fans that were passionate about their team and was just after a good time. Obviously this is always the case with some football supporters and i think this is why people become concerned when such events happen. But it was fantastic that the supporters chose Thornbury and we would welcome you all back at any time. If any fans had chance to look around the area or sample some of our local services or shops then we would love to hear what you though so please feel free to comment. You can even leave some quick and easy business reviews too.

    By Trucks79 at 13:05 on 16/02/11

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