A sad day for more than 3000 workers as DIY chain FOCUSDIY is liquidated.

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By Trucks79 | Wednesday, May 25, 2011, 08:31

The liquidation news comes following the appointment of Ernst & Young less than a month ago, originally large scale job cuts were denied as the administrators looked confident that they would be able to find a buyer for the chain.

The news that the chain are due to be liquidated later today means that customers that have placed orders with Focus will no longer receive their orders.

The company that dates back to 1987 are expected to continue to trade for up to a month in order to raise as much funds as possible to settle their debts totalling millions.

In a statement released at the time the administrators were appointed the company said that they had breached the terms of it's bank loans and that there were no alternatives that could be explored any further.

Today will certainly be a bleak day today for workers at the firm that are set for a bumpy ride over the next four weeks or so, if you are a worker for the group or know someone that works for the chain then we would love to hear from you. Or if you have items on order with the Focus then let us know how your getting on and if you are likely to receive your order or a refund.



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    @bigmandave I agree with your points, one lady at the Avonmouth store has always seemed happy and willing to help me in the past, the store is in need of a face lift and also an entire price check. I often find many items priced incorrectly when I shop at the store but on a good point they have always had in stock the items that I need. does anyone know if the Avonmouth store has been saved?

    By Trucks79 at 20:08 on 25/05/11

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    when ever I go in to the store in Avonmouth the staff never seem to be happy, never seem to be helpful and this is shown by the poor state that the store is in. however after reading up about Focus on other websites I understand why the staff are unhappy. from what I can tell all the company has done over the years is mess the staff around, cut staff levels whilst demanding staff work extra hours. poor company to shop at & poor company to work for = this situation!!

    By bigmandave at 20:04 on 25/05/11

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    @afocusmanager I totally agree with you I have worked for three companies that all went into receivership and one into liquidation its very hard, worrying and upsetting for all staff. the customers do not make life any easier either as all they are after is a discount. don't get me wrong my first thoughts was that I need to get down to Focus to buy all my garden fencing. But then on reflection you think about the staff that will lose their jobs not just at store level but in the field, head office and even the suppliers! the trouble is that when companies go in to administration a massive chunk of the money goes to the receivers.

    Would you mind saying what store you are from? also any ideas what stores have been saved? numbers and locations.

    By Trucks79 at 19:58 on 25/05/11

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    I am a manger for Focus and have to say today has been absolutley awful but then again so have the last two weeks. Me and my staff are not one of the stores that have been rescued and are facing almost certain redundancy. When the news forst broke a couple of weeks ago my satff and myself obviously upset, had to take the brunt of unhappy and very angry customers who couldnt get goods or refunds on orders at that time. On one occasion we had to call the police to help because one of the customers was very aggressive and nasty with my colleagues. Dont get me wrong I understand customers are upset but so are we. We have been left with no security and very little support from anyone let alone Focus. We have been left on the front line to take abuse and threateniing behaviour and what fro? we dont know if we are getting paid, how long we have a job for, how we are going to pay bills, one of my colleagues has even lost her house. It is absolutely awful and yet we are having to take the brunt of this. Today was awul. We should have had a date given of when we would be closing but it has now been out off until tomorrrow. We have had customers screaming and balling because they cant have a refund on something they have not used or decided they didnt want even though they were offered an exchange, one of the products was for £2|!| Please think about the colleagues who are going through hell at the minute with no support other than from eachother. We find more out from the news and internet than we do from Focus and the administrators, it appears that news is online before we get told about it. Today all we have heard is when are you closing? . . . How much discount ccan I have? Please can I ask that ou be sensitive to staff and not give us a hard time we are a victim too if not the worst victims in all this.

    By afocusmanager at 19:21 on 25/05/11

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