What best describes Thornbury’s shopping experience?

  1. I’m forced to go to out-of-town retail centres because local shops aren’t good enough       First place 67%
  2. I would prefer more well-known chain stores in the high street       Second place 17%
  3. There are too many empty shops in the town centre so I don’t often go there       Second place 17%

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  • (0 reviews)

    Bristol Blue SW


    Bristol Blue Glass is the place in Bristol to buy stunning and unique gifts. We're the only company which designs and produces Lead Crystal Glassware and we use our own unique batch blend to create our well known Bristol Blue colour. All of our...

    Unit 5 St Catherines Trading Estate

    Whitehouse Lane, Bedminster


    BS3 4DJ

  • (2 reviews)

    Boots Stores Ltd

    43 High Street



    BS35 2AR


    Gift ideas

    This shop has the passport photo option, which they are outstanding with. also alot of superb gift ideas for Christmas and other special occasions. Lots of top brand perfumes and deodorants. The Staff are very helpful with...

  • (12 reviews)

    Thornbury Bookshop

    2 High Street



    BS35 2AQ


    who needs a WH Smiths in Thornbury

    what a fantastic book shop and who would have expected to find a shop with so much stock at the bottom of the high street? i went into the thornbury book shop a couple of weeks ago and the man that served me was really helpful and...

  • (2 reviews)

    QS plc

    Unit 4 St Mary's Centre



    BS35 2AB

  sell shoes, boots.

    Do you want to buy clothing at wholesale prices? Would you like to buy shoes and T-Shirts at low prices? If that is the case, might be an interesting option for you to consider. This website belongs to Sunny Sport...

  • (2 reviews)


    19 St Mary Street



    BS35 2AB


    out of town in a town

    apparel is the typpe of shop that you would expect toi find in a designer outlet not thornbury, but luckily for thornbury apparel set up shop in our town. they have been up and running for more years than i can remember, the lady...

  • (9 reviews)

    Hawkins Of Thornbury

    Hawkins House

    High Street, Thornbury


    BS35 2AS


    everything you need

    when it comes to finding a hardware store that offers a wide range of tools, paints and electrical items there is no need to go to out of town stores like B&Q or Focus, Hawkins has it all. Hawkins is a long standing store that...


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