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    oh for the green,green, grass of home
    its the simple things you miss that you cant put money on when you live abroad

    By davenportblue at 22:16 on 04/10/11

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    I counted at least a dozen balloons over Bristol when I was driving back on Sunday. What a beautiful day for it. Will probably have to wait until Springtime now though :(

    By Laura_Local at 13:41 on 04/10/11

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    Thanks Naomi! There were a few balloons flying that day but we were in the orange and green one. I don't like heights much but it was an incredible experience!

    By AbigailEdge at 12:33 on 04/10/11

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    Oh wow! Which hot air balloon were you in? I was taking a stroll with my partner in Clifton and took some pictures of them! So lucky you got to go in one! Naomi.

    By nhavergal at 12:21 on 04/10/11

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