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    Town Council

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    Any and all matters to do with the local Town Council.

    Created at 16:23 on 02/04/10


    Thornbury Energy

    5 members

    Energy questions are pertinent in Thornbury and this is where you can write about them.

    Created at 16:45 on 16/03/10


    General Election 2010

    1 member

    All your news and comments on the General Election and the Thornbury & Yate constituency for 2010

    Created at 11:36 on 04/03/10


    Roman Coin Story Competition

    2 members

    This is where you will find information about, and entries for, the Roman Coin Story Competition.

    Created at 12:48 on 20/02/10



    6 members

    What's the weather like in Thornbury? Let us know using this group.

    Created at 13:43 on 18/02/10


    Thornbury Pubs

    12 members

    Thornbury has a proud and extensive drinking tradition, and this is where you can write about it's modern day pubs.

    Created at 15:44 on 12/02/10



    10 members

    This is where you can write about anti-crime schemes and initiatives in Thornbury. Not to mention crimes themselves.

    Created at 15:43 on 12/02/10


    Thornbury Transport

    8 members

    This is where you can talk about your transport concerns and news for Thornbury.

    Created at 18:21 on 21/01/10



    13 members

    Children's news and activities in Thornbury.

    Created at 14:24 on 01/01/10



    11 members

    Your local health concerns and news.

    Created at 14:44 on 11/12/09

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    Arts in Thornbury

    Arts in Thornbury

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    General discussion

    What it says on the tin!

    82 members

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    Food and Drink

    The group for anything to do with food and drink, from restaurant reviews to food shops.

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    The Great Outdoors

    Information on things to do outside - from walks to camping and horseriding,

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    Get the latest news, community information and general goings on in Saltash

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