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what do the thornbury people think about this GlossFM radio? someone said to me that it is the old Thornbury fm station? i must say in mannor walk today i tried to tune it in and could not get a very good reception at all! i then tried it on my laptop but when i did i must also say that the station i feel for very poor in content! sad really as i think we could do with a nice community station.


By salworld at 15:29 on 05/11/10

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    @salworld GlossFM is just Thornbury FM re-named. They claim to be reaching Bradley Stoke, Yate and Chipping Sodbury, but their claims are greatly exaggerated. The Christian control over the station is noticeable, but you have to know who is who, on the management board, and in the studio. When not evangelising, overtly or subtly, a lot of the output is no different from a mainstream radio station. They also have a significant involvement of moonlighting presenters from Bristol hospital radio, even though this was claimed to be a necessary, but temporary, measure five years ago. If you know the names, then you will realise that those people mentioned on air, as having phoned in, are often other presenters, or just family members. It's a real shame, but whilst it technically is community radio, it is not making any significant local difference. I hope you know who is to blame for the fiasco of Thornbury's community radio ....

    By Bland_Media at 14:51 on 27/11/10

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    Sorry, I must say that I have been at home the last week and the quality of the station is poor, Some parts have been ok but very lets say... shameful! this is a real pitty as i think it is about time that communities start to bond again. but i can not see this station playing a part in this. What do you mean about a link to the hospital? On the website it does not say anything about who runs it and the people invloved. Am i correct in thinking that they were ThornburyFM? if so why the change of name? I think Thornbury FM is much better after all is it not a community station?

    By marth10 at 17:01 on 27/11/10

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    1. "What do you mean about a link to the hospital?"

    The following current Gloss FM presenters are also currently presenters on the Bristol Hospital Broadcasting Service (BHBS):-
    2.00 pm - 4.00 pm Chris Mountain
    6.00 pm - 8.00 pm Ollie Croston
    Thursday & Friday
    2.00 pm - 4.00 pm Sue Haslehurst
    4.00 pm - 6.00 pm Ben Park, Stephen Gardner & James Wilson [*]
    8.00 pm - 10.00 pm Chris Mountain
    10.00 pm - 12.00 am Ricky Murray

    [Ben Park & James Wilson recently discontinued their involvement with BHBS ]

    You can check the above details for yourself:

    2. "On the website it does not say anything about who runs it and the people involved"

    a) Who runs it

    Right now it says:

    N/A (Chair)
    Ken Mitchell (Treasurer)
    Glyn Roylance (Technical)
    George McDowall (Director)

    At the start of the broadcast it said:

    Rev. David Primrose (Chair)
    Ken Mitchell (Treasurer)
    Glyn Roylance (Technical)
    Alan Mullinex (Station Manager)
    Perry Poole (Advertising)
    Rosemary Rodcliffe (Reception)
    David Wrench (Training)

    Of the earlier listing Primrose, Mitchell, and Mullinex are definitely Anglicans, Poole and Wrench are believed to be Anglicans, and Rodcliffe is believed to be a Christian (denomination unknown). Earlier management committees have had known activists from Thornbury Baptist Church and ngm.

    b) the people involved - presenters

    12.00 pm - 4.00 pm Chris Connery [TBC]
    8.00 pm - 10.00 pm The Matt Wood Alternative [BCF]
    10.00 pm - 12.00 am Ian Kane [SMC]
    Tuesday - Friday
    12.00 pm - 4.00 pm Chris Connery [TBC]
    7.00 am - 9.00 am Terry Wood [BCF]
    1.00 pm - 3.00 pm Matt Wood [BCF]
    7.00 am - 8.00 am Fiona Mitchell Weeks 2 & 4 [SMC]
    8.00 am - 10.00 am Mark Hoskins [SMC]
    6.00 pm - 8.00 pm Danny Lopes [TBC]

    TBC = Thornbury Baptist Church
    BCF = Bristol Christian Fellowship
    SMC = St Mary's (CofE) Church

    There are several others, but I can't prove their religious affiliation yet.

    3. "Am I correct in thinking that they were ThornburyFM?

    Yes, you are correct - they are the same people, using the same equipment, at the same studio.

    4. If so why the change of name?"

    Allegedly, they got Ofcom's approval to transmit to a much larger area (most of South Gloucestershire), although I have not seen evidence of this, and it seems to contradict Ofcom's usual policy for community radio. The transmitter, which is actually just a small rod, had been mounted on a temporary mast, outside the studio (a portacabin, adjacent to St. Marys Church Hall). It is now on the digital radio mast at Lodge Farm, Milbury Heath, supposedly to increase its reach.

    During the November 2009 competition Thornbury FM ran a competition to select a new name for the station. The winning entry was GlosS FM - Gloucestershire South, geddit?

    Since then, the capitalisation of the final letter has been quietly dropped, but the fact that it does not reach Bradley Stoke, Yate and Chipping Sodbury has been glossed over, geddit?

    5. "I think Thornbury FM is much better after all is it not a community station?"

    In the unlikely event of the station ever achieving its supposed dream of a 5-year Community Radio licence, it would be restricted to a transmission range of 5kms radius, and so Gloss FM would become an inapt name, and Thornbury FM would be most appropriate. Ironic, isn't it?

    By Bland_Media at 19:09 on 27/11/10

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    Thanks for the information however just some points, Does it really matter if some of them also present on a hospital station as well? after all why does it matter. the name change i totally agree with you ThornburyFM sounds much better. last point is does it really matter if they are christians or any other???

    Lastly I have emailed GLOSSFM my thoughts on the broadcast, reception and some questions, I ask you the same have you contacted them?

    By marth10 at 23:19 on 27/11/10

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    1. "Does it really matter if some of them also present on a hospital station as well?"
    It does matter that BHBS presenters are moonlighting, because it means that (a) self-interested Bristolians, with no station loyalty, who live outside the transmission area, and have no local awareness, are hogging Thornbury's airwaves; (b) local people, with local knowledge, and potential local interest matters to share, are denied a chance to present programmes; (c) the radio experience is denied to newcomers to community radio.

    2. "Does it really matter if they are christians or any other?"
    Yes, it does matter for many reasons. (a) The Christian message is being pushed out, both overtly and subtly, but always deliberately, by a station which denies that it is a Christian radio station. (b) The Christian dominance of the station caused them to drag their heels over participation by recognised minority ethnic communities, and in clear contravention of the station's own constitution. South Gloucestershire Chinese Association only had a programme in the Spring 2009, but was told not to use any Chinese language. South Gloucestershire Asian Project was only involved since Spring of this year, and just has a music programme. It is the wish to have a Christian output that makes them fear Chinese (associated with atheism, Confucianism and Buddhism) and Asians (associated with Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism). Both SGCA and SGAP have been based in Thornbury since early 2006. (c) The atheists on the original management committee were deliberately squeezed out, in a hostile fashion, unbecoming humble caring Christians. (d) It would not now be possible for a non-Christian to be elected to chair this radio station - so it simply is NOT radio for the whole community, it is radio for the holy community.

    Have you contacted them?
    I am a former trustee/presenter of the station, and the management are well aware of my views. I have been in ongoing correspondence with them since my departure from the committee (and studio) at the end of the Spring 2006 transmission.

    By Bland_Media at 01:16 on 28/11/10

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    Goodmorning Everyone and thanks for your comments and views. Firstly @salworld My views on the community radio station are that the reception issues are improving as far as I am aware ManorWalk should not have any issues with receiving GLOSSFM, But this could be down to a number of factors, Have you tried contacting GLOSSFM as they might be able to offer some advice.
    The second comment concerning the content again GLOSSFM would love to hear your views on the station after all it is a station that promotes radio for the whole community! I have emailed the station and have included links to this post as I would like to see what they have to say on the issues raised. Hopefully they will respond to them directly.

    By Trucks79 at 08:14 on 28/11/10

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    @Bland_Media, Once again thanks for your input to the site, You have also raised a number of points which again have been passed over to GLOSSFM for a response.
    I wonder if the reason why they use presenters from outside the area could be down to lack of offers from within the community? After all the website is actively asking for helpers. What was the reason you left the station? Another point that you have raised is about the station being a Christian station. I listen to GLOSSFM around 3 hours a day and I must say that I am not met with this view.. I can only think that this might have been the case when you were involved in the station.

    Either way thanks for your comments and let’s wait to see what the station have to say on all the comments made.

    By Trucks79 at 08:21 on 28/11/10

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    I dont see a problem with presenters taking part from out side the area after all not many people do something for nothing. so if they are good at what they do and they are offering their services for nothing then it would be wrong to turn them down. providing the content is good. i must admit tbh i did not think all that much of the station as in good catchu content like nlocal news, but i do not recall hearing any "bible bashing" if you like or any level of christian talk i must say. I am not saying that i has not happened but i certainly was not put off or offended by religous content. I also think that it is wrong to say that they have no station loyality after all are the roles not a part time donated service? so if you can spare 4-5 hrs and the station can only give you 2 or so why not look around for other stations that need help!? i think thats wrong of you to say that. I do agree with you when you say about the coverage to areas like bradley stoke or yate if i can not receive it when i am just down the road then god only knows how yate and bradley stoke residents will. maybe they are referring to online and not live broadcasts ? i think the station has a lot of potential and room to improve. may i ask what the station was like when you were invloved?

    By salworld at 15:58 on 28/11/10

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    i reckon all in all they do a pretty good job. true its a bit rough around the edges, but thats the whole point of community radio that everyone can have a go! i know a few local people who have done shows and none of them are religious that i know. perhaps you should show them how its done. why not set up your own station or get a show on glos radio and teach them a thing or to.

    By womad79 at 22:51 on 28/11/10


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