Residents say parking issues are being ignored in Quarry Road, Alveston

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By Trucks79 | Sunday, May 27, 2012, 16:19

Residents in Quarry Road, Alveston are expressing their concerns and anger over the growing number of large drive ways being constructed along the road.

In recent months more than three drive ways have been constructed along the short stretch of residential road along with the lowering of cub stones. Residents along Quarry Road are annoyed that the council has allowed residents to have large drive ways constructed which have dramatically reduced the number of available parking spaces along the road.

Furthermore is the concern over the number of un-used disabled bays that further restrict resident parking.

The Marlwood end of Quarry Road has always been a busy stretch of road at school times as parents / carers drop off and collect their children from school.

Mrs White who picks her granddaughter up from the school each evening said "I have been collecting my granddaughter from school for nearly four years, but in recent months I have been finding it increasingly more difficult to park" The road has become blighted with dropped curbs and disabled bays. 

A resident from Quarry Road said "I do not drive so for me it is not a parking however my family do struggle to park when they visit, the drive ways seem to be getting bigger and bigger as well as more and more" Without any doubt the council needs to start controlling the number of drive ways being constructed in the road".

Do you have an issue with parking in your street? If so let us know your views.   



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    What annoys me more than anything (and we have a similar problem where I live) is that these people put their drives in...and yet still park their cars on the road!! We have someone who has a huge drive and open gate way...more than enough to park up to 3-4 cars...yet every evening their son visits in their large works pick up truck and parks on the road!! and the drive is empty! I have seen the situation in Quarry Road when I have visited friends or been driving past the 'Marlwood School' end. There is no way the disabled people need both a drive AND a disabled parking bay outside their houses? One or the other I say. I do get annoyed at disabled people and their carers taking advantage of parking etc.
    Much the same as I believe Disabled Drivers should have to pay for parking. Why shouldnt they? Everyone else has to pay for parking, they get easy access to shops etc., and disabled bays in carparks..but there is no reason why these should be free?
    Oh..and before anyone jumps on husband is a disabled driver and he agrees with me!

    By marlyn at 13:10 on 10/06/12

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    In a reply received from the Council earlier today a council spokesperson said "Street Care assess each applicationon its merits checking that a new dropped kerb doesn't cause any safetyissues and appropriate visibility is maintained. We currently allowapplications of this sort and grant them as long as there are no planningissues. During the construction phase we monitor the works to ensure thatour standard specifications are adhered to.

    "Our opinion is that if people areproviding dropped kerbs and therefore parking off the road, then there will beno increase in on street parking problems. We do however accept that parking isan emotive subject and there has been increasing demand relating to parkingissues.

    "The Councils' parkingstandards for new developments are currently under review."

    By Trucks79 at 16:10 on 29/05/12

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